How the PISTA Method Works

Influencing the mind to achieve desired outcomes

PISTA uses various techniques including brainwave feedback, brain stimulation, and self-regulation procedures to optimise brain function and help correct inefficient mental activities. Using the PISTA Sound Tool, this method employs the science of brain entrainment to activate and deactivate the thinking system in a self-questioning process that achieves desired brain states.


The PISTA Sound Tool stimulates your brain and brings it to a state called brain entrainment. This condition is achieved when the brain creates a third tone from two tones generated separately into your right and left ear. The alteration of sound frequencies makes your brain more susceptible to change and constructive reinforcement. The way you think is dramatically changed. Unwanted and destructive thought patterns are eliminated and replaced with constructive affirmations. 


There are 7 modalities applied by PISTA doctors throughout the treatment period. These medical doctors specializing in psychology and mental health care guide you in establishing life direction and drive you to move forward and embrace the different challenges you face every day.

PISTA sessions help clients and therapists identify key elements that trigger adversities. The sessions facilitate the removal of past hurts by encouraging and engaging you to move forward in life through structured short and long term programs and the guidance of the PISTA Team of professionals.

Be cared for round-the-clock

PISTA care and support is personal. Because you can get support from home anytime during the week or face to face with a trained coach, critical issues are addressed right away and right when you need it. PISTA also has a speed program to help you resolve difficulties in less time. Our team of PISTA coaches stay with you until you are able to handle yourself when confronted with adversities in your relationships or environment at home or workplace.