Another Ray of Light

“It does not go on forever, but I want to keep this energy inside me. I realisethat learning to achieve balance and knowing that I can always go back to this state is the key to well-being.”

— Peter Smith

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PISTA helped me keep myself from getting affected by the feelings of others. I know they have personal problems that have nothing to do with me. I should not be affected by these. I no longer ask if I am good enough. I can be myself freely.

Elsa Tossè

I got to know myself better through PISTA. Now I know that I can design my own projects and live my personal dreams. I find this truly fulfilling.

Paul Célérier

PISTA helped me concentrate better when doing things. I used to chat with friends or do things for half an hour and end up without completing a task. Now with PISTA, I can complete all my work at hand and then still do other things. My concentration increased and I noticed that my memory also improved.

Unique Yeung

I recommend using the PISTA machine because it is excellent in helping children stabilize their emotions. It is very convenient to use -- you only need to put the vibration capsules on the shoulders, and it can stabilize emotions in a very short time.


I attended a training course in Guangzhou and stayed there for 3 days and 2 nights. I wore the PISTA device from 9 am to 9 pm every day except when I had to take it off during meals. In the afternoons, many students in training were already tired from hours of learning but I noticed that my learning efficiency was still very high. My comprehension and notes taking were sharp. I could summarize to the point.